Of course you have questions! We've answered the most common questions here. If you still have questions after reading through the questions please contact us at info@peachesandcheese.com or text us at 971.867.3344.

Marble Surface

How much is the delivery fee?

Delivery is free with all orders over $70. Smaller orders will have a delivery fee of $15.

How far do you deliver to?

We deliver to Portland and the surrounding areas. Contact us in advance of your order if you have questions on delivery fees. We will try to make it work if it's out of our service area.

I'm not going to serve my board right away - how should I store it?

Our boards are best served right away, but can be refrigerated until serving. Just take out the board about 20 minutes before serving, for all boards that have cheese and meats, as they are best served closer to room temperature. Our candy board does not need refrigeration.

How many people does each board serve?

Servings are listed in each board's description, but sizes are as follows: Small, 1-2 servings, 8"x8'. Medium, 2-4 servings, 10"x10". Large, 4-8 servings, 11"x15". Extra Large, 8-12 servings, 16"x24". Individual servings serve just 1 person.

I'm looking for something different. Do you do special orders?

Of course! Contact us for information on boards for special events or if we just don't have exactly what you are looking for. We will try to work with you to find something that fits your needs.

What are the boards served on? Do we have to return the board?

We use biodegradable palm platters for our boards and dipping bowls, and wooden spoons and honey dippers. Everything is disposable and earth-friendly. Extra large boards are served on a wooden tray for you to keep. We can served your board on a wooden board at your request at an additional cost; contact us for more information before placing your order.